3月 30, 2006

Is this true?

Is he dead ??

The Swedish chocolate is really great! My coworkers like it a lot. Too bad ho gor doesn't like (actually hates) chocolate anymore, or else I will save him one piece.

I've added more pictures!

This is the Kiasma I talked about:


Also went to this futuristic Stero bar when I was in Estonia:


And here's the pics of Estonia:


Oh, haha, got an invite from someone asking me to join this flickr group -- one of several thousands groups out there :p

Nevertheless, it's good to know others are enjoying the pics :)

Need to meet the counselor really early tomorrow!

Oh, my friend's dad is in the surgery room. Hope all is going well with him...

3月 29, 2006

back to home....

Finally I'm back home safely!

I've uploaded some pictures already, but most of them don't have a title and comment. I'll add them later on.

Here's the Baltic sunrise:

The entire set is located here.

I've also put up the first set of Stockholm's pictures:

Similar colors

The entire set is located here.

Again, many titles are missing for now. I'll put them up later when I have a chance.

3月 28, 2006

I slept in a restaurant!

Yes, I did sleep in a Finnish restaurant tonight... after I had a traditional Finnish sauna that uses wood-fired stove. It was quite an experience sitting down naked with friendly locals--all but me were aged Finns who could afford sitting in the sauna for three hours a day.

I also slept whenever I got a chance, like sitting on a tram going to the train station. Oh, did I mention that I slept for three hours only last night? Yeah, the hostel was way too scary that I didn´t get a good sleep.

Tallinn was a city that 值得細細走過每個角落... especially 在微雨裡....

However there was an icy rain this morning in Tallinn, so the helicopter thing was cancelled (I left the border and re-enter it within 15 mins). So I took an ordinary plane on FinnAir to Helsinki.

意外地,Helsinki 是我此行最喜歡的城市! Their buildings were mostly Russian style, but their modern architecture was really impressive. I´ve decided to come back one day, and have a 建築旅行. And of course, their product/furniture design 是我最喜歡的風格了! I went to Kiasma, an art museum of contemporary arts. Great exhibition. 我被打動了...

Oh, the food here is interesting but not good at all. I started to 懷念家中的筷子... Looking back to my blog photos, 香港仔 的 四寶麵+炸魚皮 wasn´t that bad at all...

And, haha, I forgot to pick up my luggage after I stepped out the restricted area!

I guess I need to catch some sleep now

I´ll stroll around Stockholm tomorrow morning, and then I´ll head back home.

3月 27, 2006

Scary stay in Estonia....

So... the ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn was pretty good. The ship was old, and kind of smelly in the hallway, but the room was clean and comfy. I thought I was going to share the 2-bed room with someone, but it turned out that I had it all.

The food on the ship was great--it's the first time I tried Smörgåsbord. My friend disliked the herring, but I found it quite interesting :) I especially like their lightly smoked salmon. I asked for some beer too that I thought it's free, so I walked out the door after the dinner. And then this morning, when I was having breakfast, the same waitress traced me down and asked me to pay :p She's super friendly though.

The sail was pretty smooth. The Baltic sea was covered by broken pieces of thick ice block. I got up at 5 this morning to catch the beautiful sunrise.

I stayed at the Hostel Vana Tom, which is a pretty weird hostel:

1. There's a strip club right above the hostel.
2. I got to stay on the second floor alone in a 12-bed room. Other rooms on this floor were empty as well. Yup, I'm the only one staying on this floor, using a huge bathroom..... ALL ALONE!!!
3. The guy at the reception was very friendly and provided very useful information--especially when I told him that I'm going to take the helicopter to Helsinki tomorrow morning he said, with a scary expression, "Don't you know there was a crash four months ago?"..... (note: no one, including two Amercians, survived. Reasons for the crash remained unknown.)

Oh well, that is good.... at least I may have a chance to sit on a brand new one :)

I went to this microbrewer Beer House to drink beer (you know, I need to blend into the local culture :) and tried their deep fried pig ear! It was really good!

I met a guy from New York at the pub, and he happened to be on business to Finland. He told me that Helsinki wasn't a city that worth more than a day.... but the coolest thing you could do? Walk on the frozen Baltic sea.

I'll give it a try tomorrow-- if I survived after the scary night and the helicopter didn't crash.....

3月 25, 2006

Hostel friend...

So I met a friend in the hostel who claimed to be an accountant in Mexico. He said that he brought along with him a huge luggage with four tequila, Mexican food, cigarettes, etc for his friends here. I wondered how he can get through the customs with that amount of spirit and cigarettes and he told me that he bribed the officer with a pack of cigarettes!

Mexican account...

And guess what he gave me? Two pieces of Mexican candy-- spicy candy :P

It should be 8am in the morning now, but they turned on the summer time last night so I lost an hour... so unfair, I have to lose another hour again when I'm back to Seattle....

Arrived and survived!

Belive it or not, I did have some emergencies on the plane... but things seem to be OK now :)

3月 24, 2006


Today we had the last pottery class! My cups were finally glaze fired, and they looked pretty OK :P

cups and plate

Marise did a lot of glazing tonight. What does this figure look like to you?

MC pottery - What does this figure look like?

Speaking of her, happy birthday!

Happy birthday!

I still haven't packed yet. But I'm so tired now... even worse, I need to do some work tomorrow before I take off. Hopefully I won't forget to bring my guide book!

I started to worry tonight... will I ever get to the place I want to go?

Speaking of that, hopefully I'll just enjoy the entire process of traveling -- rather than being just a tourist.

My friend was teasing me that this trip is going to sample all kinds of transportation :)

3月 23, 2006


So we went to this restaurant tonight to 慶祝朋友仔的生日 , plus trying out their 25 for $25 dinner. It was pretty good! I liked the dessert a lot. However the portion was pretty small, but I think it's definitely worth the price! If you haven't tried it out yet, you still have a few days :)

Oh, and they're hiring now:

Wanna get a job?

Very soon, I will be 獨個兒在歐洲走著跳著。 沒太多計畫,只因....


3月 21, 2006


Wow, can't believe it... SAS offers a flight from Helsinki to Stockholm for only US$22! Unfortunately... the tax adds another $22...

Finally I've found a place to stay on the very first night after my arrival: The City Backpackers. They're comparatively cheap (less than $30 per night for an 8-bed room), and responsive to my emails too!

I'll keep updating this itinerary during the last minute planning :)
March 24
1800 - Leaving Seattle

March 25
1600 - Arriving Stockholm
1800 - Check in at The City Backpackers

March 26
1730 - On ferry Tallink to Tallinn

March 27

1100 - Arrive Tallinn
1200 - Check in at Vana Tom Hostel

March 28
0730 - Fly from Tallinn to Helsinki on Copterline! It takes 18 mins and costs 89 € only!
2200 - Fly from Helsinki to Stockholm on SAS
2200 - Check in at the City Backpackers.

March 29
1300 - Fly from Stockholm to Seattle

3月 20, 2006

Much better!

Both my health and the office :-)

Not sure why but every one in the office is working team spirited today!

Will I get my personal project done on time? I'm starting to worry about it. Hum, let me go check out the stuffs tonight.

I still have no clue if I'll get a decent place to sleep. Well, I've prepared for the worst...

Train station.

3月 19, 2006


I'm teaching myself travel photography recently (well, while I'm stalled by the work process), and found out 天曉得。's Czech Republic photos are pretty good!

I woke up with a VERY sore throat this morning so I decided to sleep for another hour or so... and skipped the first leader's Sunday school.

And then I dived into work again, and eventually I got something done :) So I hurried to the worship.

And now, I'm all ready for work again.

(P.S. That is still going to be a surprise! Cos I haven't made up my mind what I'll do yet :)

We had corned beef tonight! Thanks David for preparing it...

corned beef

3月 18, 2006

沒有人 - 麥浚龍

A pretty good song! I like 黃偉文的歌詞 :p

你說有句話難開口 很喜歡跟我成為好友...
你卻沒有 故意偷偷碰撞我的手

Hopefully, no one is going to say something like that to me ... :-)

It's spring lar... but the blue is still so cold.

Counselor C asked me to treat myself better, and asked me not to overlook small steps in achieving my goals.

C asked me to take some pictures, since it's part of my memory. So I took this on my way to the pottery lab:

blue in spring


I went to this new restaurant at the corner of King and 9th. At first it was a surprise since they have my long time favorite 炸魚皮 and 四寶麵!


Unfortunately both were not impressive: 炸魚皮 is not that fresh. In fact, some of them were icy cold. I think they just pull from the freezer and reheated them in oven. The 四寶麵 was just alright...


Too much MSG! I actually had little headache after the noodles.

Kind of disappointed....

One thing that really surprised me though, was that the waitresses were all very familiar. They actually came from various places in the ID!

"CRUISE" lines


Finally I did a 30 minutes check on the Internet and looks like there are two CRUISE lines sailing between Stockholm and Helsinki:


Looks like Silja is newer, but that doesn't mean it's better... I guess.

Here's a brief plan:
3/24 Leaving Seattle
3/25 Arrive Stockholm
3/26 Leave for Finnland
3/27 Overnight at Tallinn
3/28 Back to Stockholm
3/29 Back to Seattle

But then... that means I have close to one day staying in Stockholm...

Hum... what should I do le?

3月 17, 2006

技不如人 + 8


多好.... :P

The pager went off for the past two nights. Didn't have a good sleep. Unfortunately I'm new to this team so learnt a few things in a hard way...

Sometimes I'm wondering... am I that 技不如人?

It's the first time I struggled whether I should go to fellowship, since I wanted to get things done before the weekend. So I talked to a friend about it.. Guess what my friend told me to do?


And then flip a coin :)

Well, I didn't flip a coin, but I did pray. It's been a long time He's close to me. It's really the best comfort when you face difficulties.

And then, I pressed a button on my computer's number pad randomly, with my eyes close. haha!

And I pressed "8", where even number = go to fellowship, else stay :)

My firend's theory was that if God can control my life, He can control, in this case, which number I press.

So I asked another question.... and surprisingly, I pressed "7" heee I asked... should I change my job? 7 should be a "No".

It works! How so? Cos I can't change my job anyway without leaving this country.

Sometimes.... things just happen in this way.

Hum, I know what question I should ask next.

Oh, btw, I like how my friend reacted to my struggles... After I told my friend about the situation, my friend said, "Do you want a suggestion?"

I guess if I were my friend, I would give out suggestion right away.

Sometimes... my friends just want me to be a good listener.... and I were too quick to offer "help" :-)

3月 16, 2006

What is sexy?

I mean, what does a sexy dessert look like?

Watched the top chef and this is the winner's interpretation of sexy:

It's a four-course dessert and looks like it tastes good too!

However, I'm not sure if this is sexy.

Especially if it's presented by Miguel :)

Today is the most boring day in 2006 so far.... it could be last night's page that left me only slightly more than four hours of sleep.....

Oh, one thing I have to be thankful though: that particular coworker isn't that "political" afterall... we may be just two different types of people.

The floor was slippery... well, may be it was just because I was careless!

I trimmed the tea cups and the plate tonight! I started to like this hobby. It's a good therapy :-)

ho gor's cooking tonight again! Wow he really need to become a chef lar.

But how come tonight's dinner is like a breakfast le?

Ho gor's dish tonight....

Looks like Sunday is going to be sunny :-) Hum... may be this time I'll catch the sunset in Seattle.

Sunday's weather

3月 15, 2006

Care for a free coffee?

A friend of mine told me this.

Get yours today!

Word of caution for today and onwards. I know I'm being a bit vague here :)

Sigh... what a political world. Is it because of the culture in the East?!

In a week, I'll be cruising on the Balitc sea... but I still have no idea where I'm going to sleep :p

3月 14, 2006


S3 has finally come to a reality...

A very depressing day... since I have to pick up something I haven't touched for a long time, and hear its anoying sound.....

Even worse, I have to provide my own battery for it to beep.


It's just the second day of "rediscovering" myself.... Living up promises isn't easy.

So tonight is the first anniversary of getting the key of this house. Thinking of a year ago, it was just like yesterday.


堅決地 孤單一人 吹一吹風 ...

For a day.

3月 13, 2006

Children of heaven..

Wow, you just can't believe it... This is what ho gor has prepared for my dinner... I came back home from the gym late in the evening and found this....

ho gor's cooking!

(You're taking your heart into your cooking... If you can have the same attitude towards everything....)

Workout is great! It helps me to think.

And I thought of "The Children of Heaven"...

(for some reasons, I typed "chicken of heaven" instead when I searched for it. It must be the effect of last night's yummy soy sauce chicken :)

This Iranian film is rich in content, and the picture is really beautiful. No wonder it has 5/5 points reviewed by 115 customers :)

I especially like the last part of it: You just need to run for the first prize. You can't think of just winning the thrid place! If you don't win, you'll just lose the game!

So the boy (Ali) won the first, but he was sad... so sad that he actually cried when he received the prize. Why? Since he coudln't get the pair of sneakers that her sister needed the most--and he couuld get it only if he won the 3rd place.

Well... surprisingly thir father saved some money and bought both of them a pair of new shoes--they just didn't know that.

Isn't that exactly the same message I'm getting lately??

On Saturday I asked my counsellor C: "Why do I need to work passionately to create software that is doomed to be forgotten within a few months?!"

On Sunday the Bilbe verses reminded me that eventhough God knew that I would sin against Him, He created all cratures and all things for me! He devoted 100% of His energy and His artistic mind to create all these things! He even cared about my emotional desires so He created a spouse for me. Why, did He do all these, if I'm doomed to send to hell if not He died on the cross and save me?!

And tonight, through the film I watched yesterday, He said to me that all I needed to worry was to get win this race of life. He has prepared for the rest, a perfect plan--just like the father of that little boy.

Now these verses are much more menaingful to me....

我 見   神 叫 世 人 勞 苦 , 使 他 們 在 其 中 受 經 練 。神 造 萬 物 , 各 按 其 時 成 為 美 好 , 又 將永 生 ( 原 文 是 永 遠 ) 安 置 在 世 人 心 裡 。 然 而   神 從 始 至 終 的 作 為 , 人 不 能 參 透 。 傳道書 3:10-11

My wandering mind has finally settled.

And I stand in awe....

I need new idea...

So this is the first cake I've ever made!!!!

Almond fruit tart!

(I shared this photo with my niece and guess what she said? "Oh, what brand is your camera?" sigh....)

It was sort of successful. It took a huge amount of work but was quite an enjoyable process.

Almost ready!

The taste? I think it's pretty good--all because of the fat.

I need some idea of making another healthier cake that won't compromise on taste and appearance. Anyone? :p Some good suggestions I got are tofu cheesecake, another fruit tart without the almond filling, etc...

Went to a friend's place to watch one of my long-waited DVDs that I own :) and had this fantastic chicken!

Nice soy sauce chicken!

"eat me, eat me..."

The Children of Heaven is a very beautiful movie. I liked it a lot, although the ending was kind of odd. But thikning it twice, I guess it must have a deeper meaning... hum, I'll think of it while I do the workout tonight.

Top chef

Looks like the Top Chef is pretty interesting!


Today was the first Sunday school that made me feel 心酸.

God created all the good things for me. All these things were beautiful. All these thing were so good, so very good.

He also wanted to complete me, wanted to fill up my desires so He created a spouse for me!

And then today, He was asking... "euqus, 你 在 那 裡 ?"

He is worrying me. He is missing me. He wants to find me again so He asks... "euqus, 你 在 那 裡 ?"

Didn't He knew that I would hide away from Him when He created all the good things for me?

Didn't He knew that I would betray Him when He created a spouse for me?

He knew, but He's still created the best for me.
He knew, but He's still put in 100% effort and all His heart creating the best for me.
He knew, but He still wants to bring me back to Him.

My soul is at rest in God alone.
My salvation comes from God.

創 世 記 1
神 稱 旱 地 為 地 , 稱 水 的 聚 處 為 海 。   神 看 著 是 好 的
於 是 地 發 生 了 青 草 和 結 種 子 的 菜 蔬 , 各 從 其 類 ; 並 結 果 子 的 樹 木 , 各 從 其 類 ; 果 子 都 包 著 核 。   神 看 著 是 好 的 。
管 理 晝 夜 , 分 別 明 暗 。   神 看 著 是 好 的 。
神 就 造 出 大 魚 和 水 中 所 滋 生 各 樣 有 生 命 的 動 物 , 各 從 其 類 ; 又 造 出 各 樣 飛 鳥 , 各 從 其 類 。   神 看 著 是 好 的 。
於 是   神 造 出 野 獸 , 各 從 其 類 ; 牲 畜 , 各 從 其 類 ; 地 上 一 切 昆 蟲 , 各 從 其 類 。   神 看 著 是 好 的 。

神 看 著 一 切 所 造 的 都 甚 好 。

創 世 記 2:18
耶 和 華   神 說 : 那 人 獨 居 不 好 , 我 要 為 他 造 一 個 配 偶 幫 助 他

創 世 記 3:9
耶 和 華   神 呼 喚 那 人 , 對 他 說 : 你 在 那 裡 ?

3月 12, 2006

Cherry blossom in Seattle!

Haha, does this look familiar?

Cherry blossom

So it's the pink cherry blossom in Seattle (I planned to go to UW to see the cherry, but they only have the white cherry which has not yet reached the blossom time). The above picture was taken from CBC! They have the best cherry trees in Seattle!

Cherry blossom in Seattle

Then I went to the Lake Shore area. It was a really beautiful day...


Beautiful Seattle!

Beautiful Seattle!

Got duck?

Just came back from my previuos boss' home... the food was awesome! I liked the duck the most, and the real crab cake was the BEST I've ever had before! We even watched the 大內密探零零發 :P

Mike's an expert on food. We talked a lot from wine to knives to culinary school. He seems to know a lot on all things.

Met Steve and Eric in the dinner. Very funny guys!

3月 11, 2006


In today's counseling's session, C taught me how to do 西蘭花炒牛肉 :p Of course, C is using this as an analogy, but I'm going to try this out tomorrow!

I may be doing exactly the same thing, but I can do it differently to make the process more enjoyable. How? Dive into it. And that's the key to make things rock!

And of course, there are other techniques too. I started to look forward to these sessions :-)

Oh, yet another article about the good things of coporate america... Well, I think it's not news if you've watched "office space", or this....

3月 10, 2006

stick your nose out


Inspired by a friend, I took this picture and captioned it with this quote from the Seattle Shakespeare Company :)

To get the girl, you gotta stick your nose out

How much does this worth?

I have been thinking of this for a long time--what if I get paid for blogging? Here's approximately what this blog worths:

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

Oh well, I haven't taken a closer look at their methodology though :)

Take a guess, do you know what these terms have in common?

vampire, drunk potato head, werewolf....


Came across this article and thought that it's worth a read.

先知己, 謀定而後動... that's exactly what the counselor is working on me.

Ajax seems pretty cool and hot... looks like I'll pick it up after the trip.

Talking about the trip... I'll have to start planning now.

Good example of cherry blossom! The weather is going to be awesome on Sunday... I'll have to catch my shots before it's too late.

(picture taken by olvwu)

3月 09, 2006

Make a wish!

Courtesy of amber b., I found these candles really cute and wanted to share...

I like what she quoted:

If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognise it? ---Ernst Haas

"Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law." Psalm 119:18

我的舞台... + 人情味

Reposting from 叉燒汁撈飯:

好感動... my friend's friend typed.. yes, typed, three-page long recipe for me because the scanner wasn't working...

What recipe? I'll share with you next month.

人情味... it's the best taste on earth!

3月 08, 2006

所 求 於 管 家 的 , 是 要 他 有 忠 心...

歌 林 多 前 書 4 is a very touching scripture... it's like Paul's speaking to me directly: God's Way is not a matter of mere talk; it's an empowered life. (1 Corinthians 4:20)

人 應 當 以 我 們 為 基 督 的 執 事 , 為 神 奧 祕 事 的 管 家 。

所 求 於 管 家 的 , 是 要 他 有 忠 心 。

使 你 與 人 不 同 的 是 誰 呢 ? 你 有 甚 麼 不 是 領 受 的 呢 ; 若 是 領 受 的 , 為 何 自 誇 , 彷 彿 不 是 領 受 的 呢 ?

你 們 已 經 飽 足 了 ! 已 經 豐 富 了 ! 不 用 我 們 , 自 己 就 作 王 了 ! 我 願 意 你 們 果 真 作 王 , 叫 我 們 也 得 與 你 們 一 同 作 王 。

我 想 神 把 我 們 使 徒 明 明 列 在 末 後 , 好 像 定 死 罪 的 囚 犯 ; 因 為 我 們 成 了 一 臺 戲 , 給 世 人 和 天 使 觀 看 。

我 們 為 基 督 的 緣 故 算 是 愚 拙 的 , 你 們 在 基 督 裡 倒 是 聰 明 的 ; 我 們 軟 弱 , 你 們 倒 強 壯 ; 你 們 有 榮 耀 , 我 們 倒 被 藐 視 。

直 到 如 今 , 我 們 還 是 又 飢 又 渴 , 又 赤 身 露 體 , 又 挨 打 , 又 沒 有 一 定 的 住 處 ,

並 且 勞 苦 , 親 手 做 工 。 被 人 咒 罵 , 我 們 就 祝 福 ; 被 人 逼 迫 , 我 們 就 忍 受 ;

被 人 毀 謗 , 我 們 就 善 勸 。 直 到 如 今 , 人 還 把 我 們 看 作 世 界 上 的 污 穢 , 萬 物 中 的 渣 滓 。

我 寫 這 話 , 不 是 叫 你 們 羞 愧 , 乃 是 警 戒 你 們 , 好 像 我 所 親 愛 的 兒 女 一 樣 。

你 們 學 基 督 的 , 師 傅 雖 有 一 萬 , 為 父 的 卻 是 不 多 , 因 我 在 基 督 耶 穌 裡 用 福 音 生 了 你 們 。

所 以 , 我 求 你 們 效 法 我 。

因 為 神 的 國 不 在 乎 言 語 , 乃 在 乎 權 能 。


The "quota" thing is halting me from asking...

What's the best way to increase my quota?!

Masks auction!

I'm sure this is not new to many of the local Seattlers :) But the masks look really great!

Too bad my pottery calss is coming to an end soon... but may be I'd have time to build my own mask?

Ho gor is cooking a lot these days, and apparently his cooking is now better than me... SIgH, I guess my dream of becoming a good chef is slim now..... not to mention opening up my own restaurant!

beef rice wrapped in pan fried egg


The wind was so strong now that I can hear loud noise coming from the window, and I can kind of feel that the building is shaking... scary, isn't it?

520 is closed due to the strong wind, and I can see the red lights packing up around the I-90 entrance. I'm pretty sure the ride back to home will be hectic. Hopefully the express lane will be better.

520... 說不出的重要!

3月 07, 2006

What is He doing right now in my life?

Pastor Shiu gave some good reminders about living a prayerful life during the last Sunday school.

He mentioned that being able to pray is difficult because it's nothing but a relationship with God. And since it's a relationship, it's always dynamic and changes all the time.

Through prayers He wants to transform (更新變化 ) me. He wants to touch my "false self" and to find my "true self"... My "false self" can be beautiful--taking up ministries at church, reading Bible, being a leader, etc... but these may just be my "false self" if I don't have a good relationship with Him....

At the end I was given this question:

What is He doing right now in my life?

Is He distance? Is he standing away from my life? Or is He activly doing something?

This is a deep question, isn't it? How do I know the answer?

Well... I think the answer is in prayers.... And indeed Pastor Shiu asked us to spend some quiet time with Him and sort it out.

Quiet time... it's what I need now, and this is going to be a life long process--that needs to be started right now.

Lightning in Seattle... now!

The lightning looks awesome! But it's weird though since on one side it is dark and lighting, while on the other side you can see the blue sky sun...

Hum, I guess my next shoot will be capturing the lightnings :)

Oh, ho gor... I've been told we need to change our conversation from now on to discuss your studies....

25 for $25

The good deal Twenty Five for $25 is back!

For a month (March 1-30, 2006) there are 25 top rated restaurants in the Seattle area offering set dinner for only $25!

Nishino is on the list too! The last time I visit it was so expensive that I decided not going back :-)

Anyone wants to try some out?

3月 06, 2006

All green

No wonder I'm seeing a lot of greenish items in the outlet mall en route to Canada... St Patrick's Day is coming up!

Am I a 最佳損友?

曲:Eric Kwok | 詞:黃偉文 | 編

朋友 我當你一秒朋友 朋友 我當你一世朋友
奇怪 過去再不堪回首 懷緬 時時其實還有
朋友 你試過將我營救 朋友 你試過把我批鬥
無法 再與你交心聯手 不竟難得有過最佳損友

*問我有沒有 確實也沒有 一直躲避的藉口 非甚麼大仇
為何舊知己 在最後 變不到老友
不知你是我敵友 已沒法望透 被推著走 跟著生活流
來年陌生的 是昨日 最親的某某*

3月 05, 2006

Hair cut and more in Vancouver...

Thanks for the gift!

Thanks for the gift!!!!

Went to this dim sum place in Lansdowne. Highly recommended--very resonable price, good srevice, and wonderfully soft ambiance.

Highly recommend inexpensive dim sum place.

The next time you visit, make sure you order this sticky rice with chicken wrapped in a fresh bamboo leaf. The portion was a bit small, but it looked pretty!

Looks really nice... don't really want to eat it

One thing that confused us a lot though was these pictures--can you figure out which animal each one represents?

Can you figure out what animal each one represents?

For dinner we went to this Gyoza King on Robsin, as recommended by our stylist:

Gyoza King on Robsin

It's an inexpensive izakaya place. We didn't order their supposed-to-be-famous gyoza since the waitress didn't recommend that to us. But it turned out that every table ordered it... well, may be their gyoza was well known enough that the waitress didn't need to recommend it at all.

One of our orders was a marinated tuna sashimi. You'll regret if you miss this!

If you know Japanese, here's what we ordered:

What did we ordered ;-)

The convention center was just a 30 minutes walk away. So we decided to have our dessert there.

The good thing about the convention center was that it had live music in the buffet bar that cost $45 per person. But we chose to sit in a quieter lounge that offered great night scenes of North Vancouver, and yet we could still hear the music :)

Fruit tart

3月 04, 2006

Counseling session 2

So I met the counselor again yesterday... and C helped me to realize that I might not be *that* interested in becoming a chef afterall--at least I'm not quite ready for that. Why? Because I didn't have that vibrant passion/emotion when I told C about my "dream job".

So C helped me to figure out my inner self, and brought me back to those occasions where I felt being pround of myself. And what C wanted me to do was to analyze my characters that contributed to those "feeling great, feeling proud" moments.

One thing that popped out of my mind... my idea was accpeted and being followed by the class in an interschool competition :) Small potatoes, but it meant a lot to me.

I'm being more positive towards my job now, cos I know where I'm heading to!

The bible study tonight was meaningful, and good dynamics! Looks like people are more and more involved.

看 哪 , 農 夫 忍 耐 等 候 地 裡 寶 貴 的 出 產 , 直 到 得 了 秋 雨 春 雨 。

你 們 也 當 忍 耐 , 堅 固 你 們 的 心 , 因 為 主 來 的 日 子 近 了 。 (James 5)

The biblical interpretation of "patient" is to wait with a hope. His blessings are like 秋 雨 春 雨, it will come for sure.

I don't know why, but the words 信 心, 忍 耐, 等 候, 求 appear a lot these days in different occasions.

OK, God, I got it.

3月 03, 2006

Best jam on earth....

Look no further, the best is here!

Best jam on earth...

Got this gem a week ago, but didn't start eating it until now since I don't usually eat bread as breakfast so I've got to get some bread first.

And what happened after I tasted the jam?

It changed my eating habit!

Too bad I'm running out of it now ;)

3月 02, 2006

Very tired....

I'm not sure why, but I feel really tired today. May be I didn't get enough sleep...

The fish that ate too much is swimming happily again now. How strong they are!

I made a set of eight tea cups tonight in the pottery class. I was like working in a factory doing repetitive work. Too bad the time was really tight that I didn't even think of taking pictures....

Next time I'm going to make a teapot =)

At lunch I was thinking the exit strategy... Looks like it's better for me to start working on associate sites again.... sIGh.. 神 叫 我 勞 苦 , 使 我 在 其 中 受 經 練... 不 能 參 透 , 不 能 參 透 !

Read this article about the seven deadly sins in workplace. A lot of things I've leanrt in a hard way already, but am still not paying enough attention.

地 和 其 中 所 充 滿 的 , 世 界 和 住 在 其 間 的 , 都 屬 耶 和 華 。詩 篇 24:1

Including office politics.... :)

I bought a third ball for Sassy... She's really good at playing soccer, but I just don't know why she can lose the balls...

Here's a good article on the Days of Fast and Abstinence. Looks like fish is OK if you're in the Western Rite.

Here's why Catholic Christians need to abstiain.

And why Good Friday is called "good".

3月 01, 2006

Eating too much!!!!!

Eating too much!!

Aiya, I changed to use a different food..... and this fish eats them too much, and started to swim in a reciprocal way.

Will it die soon?!

I just found out that my driver license has expired since 1/1/2006...

The Ash Wednesday is totally foreign to me!