8月 30, 2006



Sometimes, I just wonder... what do I really want? My friends' comments are hash, but they're just unveiling the reality.


Today was so messed up... the project that I am working on is blocked, and I forgot to attach a receipt that is requried to claim a rebate that's worth $100... even worse, I hopped on a wrong bus on my way back home.

I guess, I am thinking too much.


Here are the photos I had for my final B&W class. The Chinatown after dark is actually busier than in daylight.... A LOT are going on behind the bars, under the dimmed lights.

Chinatown at night 1chinatown 2chinatown 5chinatown 3chinatown 4

8月 28, 2006

beautiful love story

Originally uploaded by hs_yin.

buy back

Undervalued? Or overpriced?


8月 25, 2006

big day

So I arrived Vancouver, and am getting myself prepared for the big day -- for both my friend and myself :-) It's a big day for my friend since they are going to end their single lives starting tomorrow (and fortunate enough, I am going to spend the last night of the groom-to-be.... ). As for myself, I am going to try putting what I learned from the B&W class into this second wedding assignment.

Comparing to the first time, this is more of a challenge to me. First of all, I don't have much time getting prepared (since the plan kept changing all the time). I rushed to the store to get what I needed, and never got a chance to get used to it :-( On the other hand, once you learn more about the technical stuffs you'll try to concnetrate on the details and forget what can be more important -- spot, feel, and capture that specific moment.

Anyway, I'll try my best.

8月 24, 2006

sigh... my tv...

What a day.

I saw this very cool space age tuplip based B&W TV putting on sale on craigslist for only $40 (comparing to ebay price it's going for over $300). I called the seller and was going to pick it up right after work--which I did, actually I took off earlier just to pick up the TV.

And then the seller called and said.... it's sold.


Well, looking at the picture again. It's not that cool, and it's not good to put another junk at home.

This grape is definitely not sweet :p

8月 23, 2006

Homeless in Seattle

So I did go to downtown Seattle trying to do some street shooting. The quietness of the streets and the screaming of the people just scared me -- yup, eventhough I lived in the Chinatown of Toronto for a few years before.

All of a sudden this guy came by, and we started chatting a bit. I remebered my B&W instructor said that I need to become friends with the street people in order to get good pictures of them.... and you know what, we did become "friends" that all based upon a one dollar note. He was, obviously, happy when I handed him the money. I asked him if I could take a picture of him, and without a doubt, he pull out his belongings and sit on the floor ready for me to shoot--all done in a very professional way.

Sigh... I should have asked him not looking at my camera....

Anyways, as soon as I wanted to take another picture, he asked for another dollar :-) Oh well...

So here's our friendship.

That last exactly one second:

homeless in seattle


Originally uploaded by jonasnas.
Looking at this picture... I am thinking of....

my FM2 :-)

I was told that it's ready to be picked up!!! Yay!!

BTW, I just don't like the FA. The metering is too difficult to read under low night!




8月 21, 2006

"The heart is boundless."


Loved his photos. Admired his courage.

Very good eyes that see the beauty of life.


If time allows, I'd try out street photography for the final project. I'll probably need to make friends with the homeless... and document their life.

If I have that courage.

8月 20, 2006



佇 立 中 環 半 世 紀   政 府 擬 年 內 拆 卸
網 上 簽 名 救 天 星 碼 頭 鐘 樓

【本 報 訊 】 那 古 板 的 鐘 樓 方 方 正 正 的 呆 立 在 繁 忙 的 港 灣 一 角 , 風 風 雨 雨 , 都 盡 忠 職 守為 中 環 上 班 一 族 報 時 。 為 「 必 不 可 少 」 的 填 海 發 展 , 老 僕 人 得 讓 路 了 。 政 府 計 劃今 年 內 拆 毀 年 近 半 百 的 中 環 天 星 碼 頭 鐘 樓 , 想 傾 聽 那 滄 桑 的 銅 鐘 餘 韻 , 要 好 好 珍 惜了 。   記 者 : 蔡 元 貴   馮 永 堅

民 間 關 注 城 市 規 劃 組 織 「 思網 絡 」 出 版 的 刊 物 《 SEE 》 雜 誌 今 期 以 專 題 文 章 探 討 舉 世 獨 一 無 二 的 天 星 文 化 , 展示 了 鐘 樓 的 美 學 與 歷 史 淵 源 。 文 章 引 述 了 天 星 小 輪 公 司 總 經 理 梁 德 興 指 出 , 1950 年 代 落 成 的 鐘 樓 , 由 政 府 部 門 建 造 , 當 年 的 圖 則 原 稿 現 已 散 失 , 只 剩 複 本 , 但 基 於保 安 理 由 , 暫 時 不 會 公 開 。

四 平 八 正 呆 頭 呆 腦
外 表 四 平 八 正 呆 頭呆 腦 的 鐘 樓 , 面 卻 是 大 有 來 頭 的 倫 敦 大 笨 鐘 近 親 。 石 屎 外 牆 包 裹 的 , 是 四 個 鐘 面、 一 組 四 個 的 音 樂 銅 鐘 與 時 鐘 。 至 於 推 動 整 套 系 統 的 機 械 部 份 , 製 造 商 E Dent of London , 就 是 當 年 承 造 英 國 西 敏 寺 大 笨 鐘 的 機 械 鐘 錶 大 師 。 E Dent of London 已經 停 產 , 天 星 鐘 樓 更 值 得 懷 念 。
天 星 小 輪 公 司 回 應 稱 , 同 意 碼 頭 及 鐘 樓 極 具歷 史 價 值 , 但 有 關 物 業 屬 於 政 府 所 有 , 是 否 清 拆 須 由 政 府 決 定 。 本 報 昨 日 向 負 責 清拆 工 程 土 木 工 程 拓 展 處 查 詢 , 至 昨 晚 截 稿 時 仍 然 未 有 回 覆 。
市 民 對 政 府 拆 卸機 械 鐘 樓 反 應 不 一 , 在 碼 頭 售 賣 紀 念 品 的 鄧 小 姐 說 , 機 械 鐘 樓 報 時 不 準 , 且 要 一 日調 校 兩 次 , 浪 費 人 力 物 力 , 贊 成 拆 卸 。 從 事 食 品 生 意 的 汪 先 生 也 指 , 香 港 差 不 多 人人 都 有 手 錶 看 時 間 , 加 上 鐘 樓 不 算 歷 史 建 築 , 拆 也 無 妨 。 不 過 , 市 民 楊 先 生 指 機 械鐘 樓 有 歷 史 價 值 , 應 像 尖 沙 嘴 鐘 樓 般 予 以 保 留 。
「 思 網 絡 」 發 起 網 上 簽 名 運動 , 呼 籲 政 府 及 天 星 小 輪 公 司 , 暫 緩 清 拆 陪 伴 維 多 利 亞 港 近 50 年 的 中 環 天 星 碼 頭及 其 鐘 樓 , 並 盡 快 對 鐘 樓 作 出 更 深 入 而 有 系 統 的 紀 錄 、 研 究 , 期 望 引 發 社 會 人 士 討論 , 最 終 把 碼 頭 及 鐘 樓 保 留 , 融 入 新 填 海 區 發 展 項 目 。 詳 情 請 瀏 覽 http://www.project-see.net... 。


life is beautiful

I was walking down the street the other day finding subjects to do my push development assignment. And then I came across this guy sleeping on a dumped couch just besides a dump tank.

I immediately took the shot--without him noticing, although the Nikon FA is way too noisy!

And that completed my first "street photography" -- at least so I named it.


I am debating with myself whether I should continue the B&W II or taking the Intro to Color and Light control classes (yup, two classes together).


Over a dinner we talked about my backyard--that it turned into a graveyard after unattended for over a year! Yup, no mowing, no watering, no weeding--I haven't even looked at it for more than a few times!

Oh well, actually I am taking care of it aestheticly :P

my backyard

Although it's totally unintentional.

8月 19, 2006

為口奔馳 天馬行空

Last night's spingspiration is very uplifting!!

After last night's small group discussion, I think I'm really not that busy... it's just that I'm very lazy :-)

I was asked if all 30 boys ask the same question about life once that number 3 kicked in. Then I remember another friend of mine said there was a big difference between 20's and 30's. As soon as you turn 30, all those questions would definitely hit you... I was 26 at that time, and I thought my friend was too exaggerate--afterall, age's just a number, right?

But then, I found out that most of my 30 something friends were asking the same question too!

So I guess... 30 is the magic number :-)


生活就是一段旅程... 成功了,失敗了,都不能停下來

祝大家 夢想成真!

甘心... 不甘心


8月 18, 2006

The best experience

So... I need to get up at 6am tomorrow so that I can start working at 7am so that our beloved team can catch the noon Argosy cruise.............

so that we can build up team spirit, farewell an intern, celebrate launches, and what not...

thank you.

thank you.

I am so looking forward to the 6am buzz.


Conversation in today's team lunch:

Q: Why do they bother to wear a helmet in sky diving?
A: Prevent bird's poo poo...

8月 16, 2006


I talked to mom tonight, asking the same question I ask her all the time in our phone calls --

"What are you doing, mom?"

"Just wrote a letter to your uncle"

I thought... writing a letter? I haven't heard anyone writing a letter these days... don't you usually just give him a phone call?

"Why writing a letter, mom?" my curiosity hits me.

"Coz... your uncle can't really listen to anything now..."

That's true.

The cancer's.

May be I really need to go back and see him. Before his vision is lost... Before everything is too late.

Sigh... life and death, twists and turns.

That could be one of the reasons I want to leave Seattle--nothing is more important than staying closer to the family when you still have a chance.

"He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away." -- Revelation 21:4


I have finally started scanning my B&W assignments ;) Here are a few of them...

B&W assignments

8月 15, 2006


Yup, I stole this title...

Went to meet C this morning and had a good talk. I told C about my wish, my dream career. Although it's the same kind of career (which is, opening up a restaurant), C was very supportive this time. Why?

Well, for those who know me, I have been dreaming of opening my own restaurant for the longest time. However the stable life here in Seattle drags me back on pursuing that. But then recently I really feel like I need to jump out of my comfort zone and do what I really want to do.... Especially when I don't have a family I need to feed.

So what's my dream? I want to study culinary arts, work in a kitchen, become a chef -- a famous chef. And then 10 or 20 years later, when I have the connections and funding, I want to open up a cooking school in China, training drop out kids to get the skills they need to survive--in this case, culinary skills.

Why 三國志 then? C suddenly said, when I was about to leave, I look like a social worker when C first met me...

Ha! That opened up a can of worms inside me.... I thought that may be true... China doesn't really need good food, does she? There are parts in China that don't even have enough food to feed the people. So I figured out that social worker may be a good idea, at least I can start meeting drop out kids right the way after graduation...

Guess what my friend said about my dreams :-)

Response #1: May be you can be a social cooker :p
Response #2: Oh so and so is a social worker too and she got married (?! Getting married is not the point!)
Response #3: You're like a politician... 為人民謀福利 that kind of thing

Oh well, I'm not a politician type of person... And I think this is not self sacrificing or what. It's just... I want a life that is meaningful... Something that can satisfy myself, living a life that my kids will look up to...

So in the end, I am just thinking for myself :-) .... a little bit more for others...

8月 14, 2006

depressing photos

The photography class used to be therapetical -- it helps releasing my pressure. However tonight was kind of odd. I think partly because I don't have enough sleep, and partly because we went through a series of sad and creepy photos. Here are the two photos I really like:

The first one was by Paul Caponigro, titled "Running White Deer", dated 1967

The motion of the deers drew my immediate attention. However after a while, I feel chaotic, tragedy, uncertain.... It was as if the deers were running away from a chase behind, but look at the trees.... don't you feel that the real danger is just behind them :-0

The second one was taken by Lewis Hine, dated 1908. The subject was a girl that worked in a cotton mill in Carolina.

What a powerful confrontation of child labor in America!

Oh, try taking out your hand, and cover the right half face of the child. Now, cover only the left face.

Do you notice that stunning difference?!


I'm feeling stronger that it'll soon be the time for me to move on. I don't know where the next stop is yet, but I am sure I need to visit the scenic trails in Washington before it's too late. My friend told me that he pays $1700USD for a trip that has comparable view in the beautiful PNW.

I really want to visit the High Rock with my sister, but too bad they're not interested...

8月 13, 2006

last day

The last day of my sister's visit was pretty fun! I mean.... they made fun of me :p

1. My another sister's family visited last year, and my niece wanted to make sure I remember all of my family members' birthday (including my parents and my four siblings' families, I have to remember 18 persons' birthdays!), they wrote down all the important days on a paper. Unfortunately, I kept forgetting any of those. So this year, my another niece decided to put the paper on another location that is more visual :-)


2. I don't know why but this is the third drawing of me I saw within the last three months! Hum, I wonder if I would ever remember this guys' appearance if I bump into him....

beware of this guy!

3. When I looked at this picture taken by Christina, I felt like I went back to the good old days when my sister was doing most of the housework :-)

sassy and Florence

After talking to my brother-in-law, I figured out that I can do a few things to improve the value of this house. However, I am planning to leave the country next March... Oh, talking about Anders, I always think that I don't have this essential trait of a good engineer by birth--troubleshooting. And this was proven by Anders--he fixed a few things that I should be able to solve if I ever took the time and curiosity to analyse the problem....


8月 11, 2006

sol duc again

So we went to the Sol Duc Hot Springs again with my sister's family. Unlike last September when I visited with my parents, there were a lot more people today, and the water wasn't that hot. But I think we had a good time -- although it took us almost six hours to arrive, which wasn't that cool, especially to my nieces.

Talking about my nieces, Katerina had a few funny jokes today:

1. I spent some significant effort trying to sell to my nieces that basil ice-cream is indeed yummy. Too bad they didn't really like it, so I added "tomato"... yup, tomato basil ice-cream :p And this time it's even worse -- Katerina said only Italy has such ice-cream, and she said, "May be they even have meatball ice-cream too"!

2. My sister and I were trying to race to get the bill.... and Katerina said to her sister Christina, "Let's not do that when we grow up, may be YOU should pay all the bills."



The Nikkon 17-35mm lens is very heavy and bulky, but I like it more than a light weight small wide angle lens... why? The weight and size of the 17-35mm help a lot to get very steady handheld shots! This one was taken with 0.25s exposure time -- on a moving ferry ;)

Seattle night time

8月 10, 2006

success... or not?

Just came across this from another website, thought that it's worth sharing (I know my friend is going to to complain... argh, reposting, not again :)

If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.
-anna quindlen

The B&W class is similar to this situation. I found it very supportive, but sometimes too supportive. We have a critque session at the beginning of the class, where everyone shows the assignment to the class. Very often you'll get constructive comments from the instructor and the classmates. However, if your picture isn't that great, you'll often get a long silence :-) In fact, I'd rather getting more critical but constructive comments on what I can do to make the picture even better...

Oh well, I guess every one of us likes to be complemented... and I guess that's why I am so looking forward to the class every week--it's like a theraphy to me now that I can release my pressure from work and life.


My sister and her family are here now! The kids are so funny. I didn't know Christina has the gift of seeing through objects behind the lens too! You can really feel the mood in some of her pics.

Good job!

8月 06, 2006


Finally I have my own computer :-)

MacBook Pro!

8月 04, 2006

風 吹 垃 圾 桶

8月 03, 2006






軟 硬為甚麼再走在一起,箇中原因對擁躉來說並不重要,正如許多曾宣佈封咪的歌手,還不是紛紛重出江湖嗎?然而當他們站在台上,旁人仍不免拿兩人的成就與經歷 互相比較。這些年來,阿葛好像沒有特別轉型,形象觀感始終如一;反觀阿Jan已更加全面和更加成熟,出唱片、攪個人騷和主持時事節目都頗獲好評,站到台上 顯得較有自信,能掌握到整場表演的節奏。


每 個人大概都會有這種朋友,曾經很相熟,但不知為何逐漸疏遠,大家甚至沒有鬧過意見,只是莫名地妙地各走兩端,人的友誼,正如小學的紀念冊,雖然寫著:「萬 里長城長又長,我倆友誼比它長。」萬里長城都有倒塌的一天,那些磚塊都被撬出來賣了。畢業禮過後,有多少人可以保持聯絡?身邊常見的朋友,認識了多久?

與 一班中學時代的好友同來,散場後各自歸家,大家曾經都住在同一地區,歸家時都會同走一段路。現在走出紅館,要走方向都不同了。回到家裡接到S的來電,她很 感謝能買到入場券,並說錯過了這次演唱會,縱使補看影碟也會感到遺憾,然後細說當天迷軟硬的經歷。聽她說著說著,心頭一暖,朋友之誼,就體現在這些細微 處。


最佳損友 ~ 陳奕迅

朋友 我當你一秒朋友 朋友 我當你一世朋友
奇怪 過去再不堪回首 懷緬 時時其實還有
朋友 你試過將我營救 朋友 你試過把我批鬥
無法 再與你交心聯手 不竟難得有過最佳損友

從前共你 促膝把酒傾通宵都不夠 我有痛快過你有沒有
很多東西今生只可給你 保守至到永久 別人如何明白透
實實在在踏入過我宇宙 即使相處到 有個裂口
命運決定了 以後再沒法聚頭 但說過去 卻那樣厚

*問我有沒有 確實也沒有 一直躲避的藉口 非甚麼大仇
 為何舊知己 在最後 變不到老友
 不知你是我敵友 已沒法望透 被推著走 跟著生活流
 來年陌生的 是昨日 最親的某某*

生死之交當天不知罕有 到你變節了 至覺未夠
多想一天彼此都不追究 相邀再次喝酒 待葡萄成熟透
但是命運入面每個邂逅 一起走到了 某個路口
是敵與是友 各自也沒有自由 位置變了 各有隊友

早知解散後 各自有 際遇作導遊
奇就奇在接受了 各自有路走
卻沒人像你讓我 眼淚背著流
嚴重似情侶 講分手

有沒有 確實也沒有 一直躲避的藉口 非甚麼大仇
為何舊知己 在最後 變不到老友
不知你又有沒有 掛念這舊友 或者自己 早就想動頭
來年陌生的 是昨日 最親的某某
總好於那日我沒有 沒有 遇過某某

8月 02, 2006


"Doesn't want what it doesn't have..."

歌 林 多 前 書 13

1 我 若 能 說 萬 人 的 方 言 , 並 天 使 的 話 語 , 卻 沒 有 愛 , 我 就 成 了 鳴 的 鑼 , 響 的 鈸 一 般 。

2 我 若 有 先 知 講 道 之 能 , 也 明 白 各 樣 的 奧 祕 , 各 樣 的 知 識 , 而 且 有 全 備 的 信 , 叫 我 能 夠 移 山 , 卻 沒 有 愛 , 我 就 算 不 得 甚 麼 。

3 我 若 將 所 有 的 賙 濟 窮 人 , 又 捨 己 身 叫 人 焚 燒 , 卻 沒 有 愛 , 仍 然 與 我 無 益 。

4 愛 是 恆 久 忍 耐 , 又 有 恩 慈 ; 愛 是 不 嫉 妒 ; 愛 是 不 自 誇 , 不 張 狂 ,

5 不 做 害 羞 的 事 , 不 求 自 己 的 益 處 , 不 輕 易 發 怒 , 不 計 算 人 的 惡 ,

6 不 喜 歡 不 義 , 只 喜 歡 真 理 ;

7 凡 事 包 容 , 凡 事 相 信 , 凡 事 盼 望 , 凡 事 忍 耐 。

8 愛 是 永 不 止 息 。 先 知 講 道 之 能 終 必 歸 於 無 有 ; 說 方 言 之 能 終 必 停 止 ; 知 識 也 終 必 歸 於 無 有 。

9 我 們 現 在 所 知 道 的 有 限 , 先 知 所 講 的 也 有 限 ,

10 等 那 完 全 的 來 到 , 這 有 限 的 必 歸 於 無 有 了 。

11 我 作 孩 子 的 時 候 , 話 語 像 孩 子 , 心 思 像 孩 子 , 意 念 像 孩 子 , 既 成 了 人 , 就 把 孩 子 的 事 丟 棄 了 。

12 我 們 如 今 彷 彿 對 著 鏡 子 觀 看 , 糢 糊 不 清 ( 原 文 作 : 如 同 猜 謎 ) ; 到 那 時 就 要 面 對 面了 。 我 如 今 所 知 道 的 有 限 , 到 那 時 就 全 知 道 , 如 同 主 知 道 我 一 樣 。

13 如 今 常 存 的 有 信 , 有 望 , 有 愛 這 三 樣 , 其 中 最 大 的 是 愛 。

1 Corinthians 13
The Way of Love
1 If I speak with human eloquence and angelic ecstasy but don't love, I'm nothing but the creaking of a rusty gate. 2If I speak God's Word with power, revealing all his mysteries and making everything plain as day, and if I have faith that says to a mountain, "Jump," and it jumps, but I don't love, I'm nothing. 3-7If I give everything I own to the poor and even go to the stake to be burned as a martyr, but I don't love, I've gotten nowhere. So, no matter what I say, what I believe, and what I do, I'm bankrupt without love.

Love never gives up.
Love cares more for others than for self.
Love doesn't want what it doesn't have.
Love doesn't strut,
Doesn't have a swelled head,
Doesn't force itself on others,
Isn't always "me first,"
Doesn't fly off the handle,
Doesn't keep score of the sins of others,
Doesn't revel when others grovel,
Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything,
Trusts God always,
Always looks for the best,
Never looks back,
But keeps going to the end.

8-10Love never dies. Inspired speech will be over some day; praying in tongues will end; understanding will reach its limit. We know only a portion of the truth, and what we say about God is always incomplete. But when the Complete arrives, our incompletes will be canceled.

11When I was an infant at my mother's breast, I gurgled and cooed like any infant. When I grew up, I left those infant ways for good.

12We don't yet see things clearly. We're squinting in a fog, peering through a mist. But it won't be long before the weather clears and the sun shines bright! We'll see it all then, see it all as clearly as God sees us, knowing him directly just as he knows us!

13But for right now, until that completeness, we have three things to do to lead us toward that consummation: Trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly, love extravagantly. And the best of the three is love.