6月 30, 2006

recovering from time off...

So having time off isn't that fun afterall. I've been walking around the city under the bright sunlight for the entier day... not to mention I'm carrying a SLR, two heavy lenses, a Hasselblad, a laptop, and lot of other stuffs like films and photo paper!

Thanks my friend who got off from work early and walked with the whole day helping me to carry some stuffs.


Yay, finally the vacation is here! Ironically, I have been working 12 hours every day just because I need to make sure I can take the time off....


千杯酒已喝下去 都不醉 何況秋風秋雨
幾多不對說在你口裡 但也不感觸一句

淚眼已吹乾 無力再回望
山不再崎嶇 但背影伴你疲累相對
沙不怕風吹 在某天定會凝聚

逼不得已唱下去的歌裡 還有多少心碎
可否不要往後再倒退 讓我不唏噓一句

白髮已滄桑 無夢再期望
山不再崎嶇 但背影伴你疲累相對
沙不怕風吹 在某天定會凝聚

6月 28, 2006





I like Specialty's sandwiches, but then the one in the foodcourt of my office building isn't doing a good job! The quality of their sandwitches is just not consistent. For example, whenever I order my favorite Tomato Mozzarella they often use fresh tomato (instead of roasted Roma), and they sometimes forget the basil--which I think is the spirit of the entire thing.

So I decided to file a complaint, and guess what, they removed the charge of my sadwitch :-) Oh well, my gain is someone's loss...



Last night I got my second Pike Place basket. However someone took away mine that is bigger in size. So I complain again :-) And this time I get a free boquete of flower next week! Hee.... may be I should keep complaining.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I took the ride back home at 9.30 last night. And while I was waiting the bus to arrive, I saw a homeless walking by me. He then searched the trash bin, and took out a fast food cup.... and you know what? He drank whatever stuff was left inside it. And then he took out a bag of opened chips and start eating it.

And then, he walked by me, and stared at me.. actually my basket.

Urgh, that guilty feeling hit me. Shouldn't I give him some snow peas.... sigh. May be next time.


. 備忘

Have you ever woke up from a dream and found out you're crying? I did it recently!! Yeah, the tears are still dropping when I woke up.

I wrote down what happened in the dream just after I woke up. But when I read it again now, I just have no idea what it was all about..

But one thing I do remember... you were in that dream.



(No, I really mean that :)

6月 26, 2006

sooo hot!

Haha, did a quick survey over IM trying to see what friends think about the melting hot weather:

Yes, it is way too hot.
i know..you should go down in your basement
always hot here
i know.. ha ha..
i know, it's crazy
stay in the office!
oh hai ar (responded 2.5 hours later :)


So tonight is the first photography class. Yay! My friend joined with me (although I think he already has the skills). Anyway, the first class is kind of not that interesting: the instructor briefly went through the history of photography, and then introduced the darkroom. Here's a synopsis of the history:

1. Joseph Nicephore Niepce took the first photograph in the world in 1826, in which the exposure took 8 hours to finish (you can see sunlight on both pillars).

2. The theory of pin hole camera was discovered a long time ago, however it took 900 years to find a way to capture the image and fix it.

3. And then 11 years later, Louis Jacques Mande Dagurre did something great, which he did the exposure on mercury papers! The exposure time was dramatically shorten to just several minutes. The result was much crisp and sharp:

4. And then this guy William Henry Fox Talbot presented some papers to the royal academy or something like that, and people started to call him the father of photography (by this time... my head started swimming...)

5. The last name I heard in the class was George Eastman, and my notes said that he brought handheld camera to the world. The shutter speed of the camera can go up to 1/25 seconds!

Boring stuffs, wasn't it :P



6月 23, 2006

Beinn Ime

Beinn Ime
Originally uploaded by Fack to Bront.
Wow look at this!! Hopefully I can shoot like this using the same 12-24mm Nikon lens in the backpacking :-)

Workwise, the project is now under code freeze, but you never know...

6月 22, 2006

Running through strings

Running through strings
Originally uploaded by louiskim.
So flickr has a group that each week they have a winner chosen to be added to the group that has 200 view or more. I really like this week's!

Hum... when will my pictures be viewd 200+ times :-)


The work is getting close to an end... but then after this I still have two small projects before I can take off next Friday!


I met another Nikonian today! Didn't know that he is so into photography as well. I really wish I can bring along my camera with me to the backpacking.


I was searching on flickr today, and I came across with this set: Bhutan. This country has been on my top list for a long time now. May be I should give it a try some time next year!

6月 21, 2006


I had that same horrific dream again, that someone is breaking into my house in my presence, and I try my best to safeguard the house--the entrance, to be specific. I woke up in the middle of the night, and couldn't go back to sleep for a while.

I started to realize that dreams really tell something about your inner world... Hum, I'm going to do more research on this! Talking about things related to psychology, I picked up the book blink today. Looks like a pretty fun book!

And then talking about book, I need to purchase a text book for my photography class. It's a shining $100 big book... Sigh... Fortunately I have $50 gift certificate but still, a big expense!


Looks like 663 is the cafeteria for a lot of people now. I go there at least twice a week, and every time I go there, I will for sure run into several people I know of. Just like today (it's my third time eating there this week BTW), I met four friends already. Sigh.. Is Seattle so lack of choices?

There is one new Thai/Viet restaurant called "Made in Kitchen" opened up last week in ID. I tried it and the interior design is awesome!! I can say that it's the BEST in Chinatown. The food? I think they're not quite ready yet so they only have a mere of 20 something choices (excluding the drinks, desserts, etc). The quality of the food is just OK though.


Argh, so much work to do! So looking forward to the 5-day long weekend next week! I'm going backpacking :-)

Time: 7/1 to 7/3
Destination: Esmerelda Basin (http://www.wta.org/~wta/cgi-bin/wtaweb.pl?3+tg+fetch+english+1035)
Hiking Distance: 15 miles (Loop trip)
Elevation Gain: 3000 ft.
High Point: 6850 ft.


Yay!!! The wedding pictures are allowed to go public now!

6月 20, 2006

got my pike place basket!

So I decided to try out the Pike Place Market basket, where you'll get a basket of veggies and fruits every week for 20 weeks. They claimed that over 85% of the products are certified organic... The cost is $30/week. The quantity is quite enough for a 3-4 ppl family.

The good thing about joining the program is that you can get a variety of veggies. For example, this week I get:

• Asparagus - Magnana Farms
• Arugula* - Frog’s Song
• Mint - Sua Yang
• Red chard - Full Circle and Willie Greens
• Oregano - Stoney Plains
• White Salad Onions - Alvarez and Magana Farms
• Snap peas - Alvarez
• Snow peas - Alvarez and Magana Farm
• Radishes - Full Circle and Frog’s Song
• Rhubarb - Stoney Plains
• Salad mix - Full Circle and Willie Greens
• Strawberries - Frog’s Song, Stoney Plains and Willie Greens


That IRS thingy is so annoying!!

這次真的受到教訓 !! 唯有交下學費 ...


I have been asked a lot of times about the first wedding pics I took the other day... looks like the best I can do is just showing the thumbnails :-)

wedding thumbnails


fd's Flickr Toys is pretty cool! Try it out...

This is what I got after using their "Hockenyizer":


"dont' lie to IRS"....

I didn't!

Sigh... they said I owe them a five-figure sum including tax, interests, and penalty. Apparently I haven't put down all the securities transactions...

6月 18, 2006

So close, so far

The last day of SIFF didn't go smoothly.

11:00am "We shall overcome" @ Pacific Place
Didn't go at all. My car was blocked at church so I had to stay for the Sunday school. Well I guess it's better to attend it though since today is the first day of a thee-week series of a condensed versio of his "prayerful life" class. Today we talked about the "essence of prayer"--which is an "intetion" of being with God. If you're in love with someone, it's just like you want to lean your body to your another half... and this can be difficult, especially when you are in love for ages!

2.15pm "Starfish Hotel" @ Harvard Exit Theater
This movie wasn't the type I like. So dark. So mysterious.
If you happen to see a movie at the Harvard Exit, make sure you don't go to the men's room on the thrid floor. I almost passed out because of the smell... the toilet is a huge one that everyone got to share the same bowl... and they don't have water flush with it so you can imagine how badly the smell can be. To be honest I felt my heart bumping very very fast suddenly and then I felt like falling down... how embarrsed that could be :-)

9.00pm "So close, so far" @ Broadway Performance Hall
Yay! After 10+ phone calls and SMS I found So Gor who was available and was kind enough to pick up my housemate :-) so that I can go watch this movie. It turned out that this was another gem from Iran!
"So close, so far" is a thought-provoking awesome Iranian movie. This movie won the best picture of the 9th Iran Cinema Celebration Awards. It's very very heavy though.
Director Seyed Reza Mirkarimi (Under the Moonlight) is known for his subtle integration of a timeless spirituality into his contemporary Iranian dramas, and in his newest feature he focuses on a lost soul forced to confront his core values in the face of personal tragedy. Mahmoud Alem, a highly successful but self-absorbed neurologist, is shocked to discover that the 18-year-old son he has long neglected is terminally ill. Setting off to locate and reconcile with his child, who has left on an astronomy project in the desert, Alem's travels soon become a journey of self-discovery as he encounters along the way a number of seemingly ordinary people who challenge his very limited view of the world. A rare gem of a film, So Close, So Far is a compelling new vision of Iranian society, with exquisite cinematography that reveals the desert's sweeping grandeur as you have never seen it before.—K. Clement
The father almost died in his car burried by a sand storm... hum, may be I should reconsider whether I should go to Sahara... all alone!

6月 17, 2006

SIFF Movies

SIFF Movies
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So I redeemed the vouchers I got from volunteering SIFF. The picture's showing three movies I am going to see. Among them, the "Stairfish Hotel" is the one I am most interested in! This movie was almost sold out, and in fact they didn't have any volunteer tickets left (since for each movie they only have a small percentage of seat reserved for volunteers). But fortunately the producer-looking girl at the box office made some tricks so that I can get a seat! Actually she is working on film development too... so I decided to donate some to the whatever film making foundation.

The "So Close, So far" is my another need-to-watch film. Hopefully someone is kind enough to pick up my housemate from the airport tomorrow night so that I can go watch the movie :-)

I have eventually signed up a B&W class offered by the Photographic Center Northwest, and have gotten a second hand 35mm Nikon FM2. Ouch! Another big money given away..... But as counselor C said, this is going to be an investment!

If you happen to buy equipments from Glazers', make sure you ask for a bargain. They usually mark up prices at least 1/3 above the reasonable online price. For example, their list price for a Nikon 50mm f1.4 was $380, whereas on Amazon it was listed for $278. Finally I was able to lower the price to $300, plus getting a free UV filter they listed $45 :-) Their second hand eqipment has pretty good price though. The FM2 costs $225 with 10% off, which is about the same price on ebay. Also I got a Hasselblad 50mm filter for only $15.

Ho gor asked me to give him tuition fee... I didn't realized it's goig to be $2000+ until now.

My bank account is going to be dried out soon.....

6月 16, 2006

Morocco trip... possible?

So I asked around and seems like Morocco is pretty safe going solo:


Also the flight ticket from Seattle to Casablanca is only $1300 in December, which is not bad!

Should I go, or not?

6月 15, 2006


All of a sundden I really want to visit Morocco, and if possible travel across Sahara! I am sure there's going to be BIG cultural shock, and hopefully I will come back a changed person in one piece :-) Yup... I'm thinking of going SOLO again! Well, not exactly traveling alone, since I am planning to join tours with travelers from around the world.

My friend said I am crazy considering an inexperienced small Asian guy can't probably protect himself. Hum... in the worst case I'd just dress like the locals... oh well, I don't look like a Chinese anyway...

May be I should get some experience by going Death Valley alone.

Finally I have some time to take a closer look at my Hasselblad 500C/M! It's a beautiful piece. I don't have the film with me yet and will probably take it to sevice before using it.

Hasselblad 500C/M

Hopefully I can master it soon!

It gives a strong romantic feel as soon as you take it on your hand :-) haha I look so silly under the Zeiss..


6月 14, 2006

sa-kwa 2

Came across this from a blog today. Thought it's a very good conclusion of "sa-kwa""



I hate this movie! It's so real--I can even find shadow of my past. It reminded me a lot of things...

"sa-kwa" in Korean has two meaning: 1. a green apple, and 2. apology.

Green apple to apology... is this what love has to be?

6月 12, 2006



我知道... 我知道。



明天過後 來揮一揮手
天高地厚 就此各自暢遊
忘記玩偶 忘不了蕩過韆鞦
縱使雙手多麼緊扣 亦要走

從此以後 誰也不回頭
一早熱透 汗水切勿倒流
忘記沒有 忘不了路過沙丘

你在我記憶旅行 每步也驚心
跟你踏過許多腳印 捨不得轉身
你贈我太多見聞 拿不走的熱吻
多努力放低 偏不會忘記 苦戀紀念品
( 忘掉昨日今天不必要熱吻 )

浮沙滿地 沉重的傳奇
沙粒極重 任它浸沒眼眉
忘記道理 忘不了亦會別離

6月 11, 2006


Didn't know that 伊莎貝拉 has a meaning of 「對上帝的承諾」。





心急催逼, 反會把事情弄糟。還是安靜等候, 給予多些時間看看上帝的改變。


星星照耀長路黑夜徑, 全是恩主的導引。

6月 08, 2006


The new team is awesome! Everything is so ideal: very supportive boss, good co-workers, and fun!

The workload is more, but I really enjoy what I am doing!

Well, at least for now.


Went to have dinner with the coworkers tonight--among us one Hindu, one Buddhist, and one Christian. Our topic was mostly around the "casts" in Hindunism, and the "state" in Buddhism. Interestingly, we didn't even talk about Christianity.

Is it because the basics of Christianity is well known already?


6月 07, 2006






6月 06, 2006


laundry day
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夢, 是抑壓情感的解脫?

昨晚, 那夢真可怕。

夢, 到底有何用?


Looks pretty promising :)


Another friend of mine is leaving the company!


6月 04, 2006








一切還好: 兩張戲票

補充: 如果是你,會揀邊樣? 儘管個人 我都定去。 有幸的,或許會「天公造美」 :-)



17年前的往事, 仍然清晰。


Recently I wasn't in a good mood so I decided to stroll around Seattle after meeting up with C. After cruising aimlessly for a while, I ended up finding myself in Volunteer Park Conservatory.

The plants were well taken care of, and their beauty left me in awe.

However, I found the wildflower blooming on the lawn next to the conservatory looked even prettier. Without any spoken word, they proclaimed the wonders of our heavenly father. He takes care every little creature, no matter how unimportant they seemingly are--everything happens for a purpose!!

I then went on to the Seattle Asian Art Museum. The work of Johsel Namkung was amazing! I really like the way he communicates with nature -- his eyes often find beauty among unexpected places. For example, when shooting at dawn, people usually focus on capturing the "macro beauty" like the sun, the mountains, etc. But Namkung aimed at shooting little things like the water grass (found around the shore of Picture Lake, WA) below, trying to capture their first reflection of sunlight.

Isn't life a lot more beautiful, if we are sensitive to the "micro beauty" of our surroundings? Just take a look around within 10 feet of where you are now, you will for sure find something beautiful--if you try viewing it in different perspectives.

I also like the way he decides when to press the shutter. Unlike me, who almost always take photos a multiple times and hoping for a good picture comes up by chance, he "fights" with nature and tries various perspective until he finds the perfect view. So his work was never cropped, leaving everything in great detail.

Looking at his photos, you really can tell his dialog with the nature outside -- as well as inside -- his mind.

There were a few pictures of Shi Shi Beach, WA (located in the wilderness of Olympic National Park). There's no paved road getting there so one has to walk about 5 miles on undeveloped tracks. But hey, walking 5 miles isn't a thing to find this hidden gem!

Heee, I'm planning a trip now!

In the evening we had a wonton battle: Shanghai vs. Canton :-)

Too bad our chef friend left us last week to pursue his dreams in Hong Kong... Hopefully he's already gotten use to the pace in the lively city.

Anyways, I think this 1-year old tradition of theme dinner party needs to be continued, or else life in Seattle can become dull...

Wonton battle: Shanghai vs. Canton

6月 02, 2006








Originally uploaded by cuellar.
Thanks my friend for giving me the comments!

I love this pic, so cute, good composition!

6月 01, 2006


消瘦... 因是癌症。


「死亡,我會比你長命!」-- 楊牧谷牧師

Maggie's new movie Clean looks pretty good: