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1月 26, 2008

Cultivating "seed"

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Day two of making a sourdough. It's time consuming, but fun to raise a bread without using yeast.

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1月 21, 2008


曲/詞:黃玠 演唱者:娃娃

以為寫首好歌 走路就能抬起頭
現在的我 失去了衝動

親愛的 Cobain 是否也曾愛慕虛榮
現在的我 變得好懦弱

雨會下雨會停 這是不變的道理
夜空中北極星 迷路的人不恐懼
我唱歌你在聽 一切風平又浪靜
G和絃的根音 撫平脆弱的心靈
我只想牽著你 走到很遠的夢裡
小木屋紅屋頂 地址是一個祕密
你抱著小貓咪 藍眼睛不再憂鬱
香格里拉在那裡 讓我們去找尋


1月 20, 2008



重點是,時常有感恩的心 :)

作詞:陳樂融 作曲:陳志遠

我來自偶然 像一顆塵土
我來自何方 我情歸何處

天地雖寬 這條路卻難走
我還有多少愛 我還有多少淚
要蒼天知道 我不認輸

感恩的心 感謝有你
伴我一生 讓我有勇氣作我自己
感恩的心 感謝命運
花開花落 我一樣會珍惜


1月 19, 2008


The first thing we were tasked to do in Peng Shan is to move bags of rabbit droppings from a rabbit farm owned by the school to their orange farm located 15 minutes away with a little elevation gain.

Moving the droppings isn't an easy task since it's smelly, it's dirty, and the bags are pretty heavy. I was pretty disappointed for what I had to do until I saw him--a boy living with one leg who climbed the mountains and a long stair case, coming to the rabbit farm standing here helping us pack the droppings... and from his expression I can tell that he's pretty happy with what he's doing. Well, sure, he might be used to this kind of job already, but still, I can't imagine if I were him I can still be living happily...


1月 17, 2008


After class I decided to get some gelatin powder to practice the lab for next week. And when I get into St. Lawrence's Market I found this store that sells a lot of spices in good very good price and quality, so I picked up some spices to make my "own version" of curry, i.e., trying it out the first time :-)

Interesting enough, my mom bought exactly the same stuffs as I did: curry powder (thought what she got was pre-mixed), lamb for stewing, onions, and coconut milk. It all happened coincidently... pretty amazing, isn't it?

I don't know the final result yet, as it's still cooking. However it does smells really good!


1月 12, 2008

來自遠方的 Hello!


離開 成都有一段時間了,但還是不太習慣沒有兔頭鴨腸黃鱔鴨舌頭回鍋肉青普洱 ...最慘的就是再找不到那種麻辣!!中國飲食文化的多變,跟在國外到處是麥當勞肯德基星巴克,實在有天壤之別。

我今天整理相片的時候,很想念成都的每個人 。你快當別人的爹了,心情很緊張吧?孩子出生後,記住分享照片!




1月 07, 2008


The three-week trip to Asia was pretty tiring but exciting and rewarding. I'll try my best to recap what had happened.

I planned to arrive HK on 12/15, and then visit my uncle and have dinner with a friend who is leaving HK soon. Unfortunately I messed up with the schedule and had to leave HK the same day. As soon as I got off the plane, my sister told me the news that uncle passed away the day before I arrived...

After 18 months of fighting against cancer, "little uncle" finally left this world in peace, surrounded by loved ones singing hymns and prayers.

As far as I could remember, "little uncle" was pretty funny--although he looked serious. Sometimes he looked too serious that you didn't even know he had just cracked a joke. I guess that's what most pastors do? Little uncle used to live in Yeun Long, which is pretty far away from where we lived so I didn't get a lot of chances seeing him. Every time when I needed to go to his house it was like a whole day trip. He used to live by his church, and had a few scary doggies. I remember I was left alone in his office and there was a huge, barking German Shepherd right outside waiting for me. At that time I needed to pee but I was so scared that I didn't even dare to make a single move.... and guess what? I peed right in his office :-)

"Haaa... oh well, I could blame that it was the dog who made the mess" that's my excuse I thought in case I got caught afterwards...

Little uncle loved eating hot peppers. He used to put several 指天椒 in his mouth at once and chewed on them as if they were bubble gum. May be that's why I love spicy food as well?

Little uncle liked collecting inexpensive "古玩" and was willing to share some of them with my mom :) Too bad I wasn't able to appreciate his collections at that time, or else I could had owned some of his treasures.

Little uncle also spent a lot of his time doing missionary work in China. I missed much of the details but I could imagine running around China in his 60's building up churches wasn't easy. The last phone call I had with him was when I came back from a short term missionary trip from Mongolia back in 2002. He sounded excited about what I had done and encouraged me...

I'm sure there are a lot of other pieces that little uncle had left in my life, and I'm sure I'll meet him again in the better place soon.