6月 27, 2004

job - career - vocation?

Over the weekend the fellowship went to Black Lake Bible camp for a retreat. The theme for this year's is 七二四打工仔須知-營業中的信仰.

whose finger this belongs to?????

[... more sharings to come... ]

6月 24, 2004

If God....

has forgiven us of all our sins, then when Judgment day come, what will we be judge on?

I came across this interesting question, and the discussion that follows...

6月 20, 2004

爸 爸 , 我 為 你 驕 傲 !

Happy Father's Day!

Seven reasons I'm proud of my father....

1. He fearlessly defeated cancer three times.
2. He started up his own business in his 50's and carried on with it for 18 years.
3. He is optimistic.
4. He loves his children and his wife!
5. He treated me breakfast before he brought me to church when I was small.
6. He does not have temper.
7. He loves eating and cooking!

(Mom, I'll write up something for you later =)


6月 19, 2004

your rod and your staff....

today i went to mason lake located at interstate 90 exit 45. it was a great, but very tiring hike! although the review of the hike from the above linke says that it generally takes 1.5 hours to go up the hill, but we spent almost 3 hours to go up there. i think i will rate it as moderate-difficult instead of just moderate. the slope is steep, and we actually climbed to more than 4000 feet.

4000 feet!!

i am so suprised to what i have achieved! fortunately i found this branch on the road, and it helped me a lot in the climb.

until now i understand why a rod/staff is so important in the wilderness... it gave me strength, and feelings of being supported.

Although the hike was a difficult one, the view along the way was fabulous!!

I lift up my eyes to the hills-where does my help come from? 2 My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 121

peaceful mason lake!!

6月 17, 2004


so i have moved into this new office for a week now. so far so good. my officemate is really nice and easy going. very experienced and helpful. and the nice view too! these two days the weather is gorgeous that i can see the tip of mount rainier resting far away from my office! and the breeze too--much better than the humid and rather warm room of my home.

a view from my (not-so)-new office!

no smoking here, seattle!!! (a view from a meeting room)

today marks the final day of choir practice for this year, and it's also the last day i stay practicing with the choir. it's a sad day for me. i don't know how others feel but leaving after all these years makes me feel heavy. but whenever i think about how difficult it was with work/choir/small group leader meeting/assignments/etc... i think i can't bear any longer.

i really need a break :)

choir 2004 last practice

finally i understand why...

those famous political commenters need to resign from the talk show... *SIGH* I can smell an intensive competition is going on in the US game console market...

who will win? who will become the next (not iron chef) console king? that doesn't matter. what matters is we should have competition so consumers can always have a choice. please, give us back the freedom to choose. consumer should be the final benefiter of all business competition!

that said, i think i can only get this in the ideal world... monopolying the market is happening everywhere in this world... the gates', the lee's, and in the political realm of many countries. *SIGH*

( more on 発売日:2004年7月1日(木) !!!!: 7/1 is coincidently the same date when hk handovered back to china.... does that mean anything to sony? )

just came across this website looks like the computer power supplies we are now using is achieving 60-70%. power supply... a term i haven't even think of after my gradution with a EE degree....

6月 16, 2004

発売日:2004年7月1日(木) !!!!

PSX will be going out to the Japanese market 7/1!!! Can't wait to see its arrival to the US. Too bad xbox has quite a market here, or else we could have a peek of the loveingly white machine earlier than the European. However, I think I probably won't be an early adoptor this time since my PS2 has already equipped with a harddisk loaded with PS2Linux, although, well, their usage is not quite the same.

commonsense and gut feeling are telling me that MS (and of course, Nintendo) is working hard to respond to sony's action, although I heard half a year ago that the next release of xbox won't be out until 2005.... are they trying to beat the market expectation by releasing the console before christmas comes???

browsing the web using a machine?


this module creates a proxy server that watches as you click on links & forms in your browser, and writes a WWW::Mechanize script to reproduce those actions.

recording user action is not really a new idea, but i think i got to try this on my (oh well, still breeding) commercial website :) hopefully i'll do something cool out of this module.

we need innovation here, and that's how these companies became the wired 40...

when will i get my first patent ;)

6月 14, 2004

real starz?

i just checked out the real - starz website and found out that the claimed-to-be 1.5Mbps bandwidth qwest is providing me worths only 500mbps and less on their website. what that means? that means i am not able to use their new venture of movie downloads... *sigh* probably i need turning to those online dvd rental sites... oh well, may be that's good for me for now, since i don't think i'd enjoy a movie on my 15' monitor. on the other hand, i think i'm gonna busy again soon with my enrolment of c++ certificate course at uw. with my recent job change to an sde, i'm pretty comfortable that they'll accpet me to the game development program. but since the company is paying the tuition, why not taking it?

went to the green papaya on sunday. the food is just okay... not that surprising... it's similar to those viet restaurants on rainier ave. also tried a 33 beer imported from vietnam. comparing to other beers i had before, this is for sure ranked to the bottow few... talking about beer, i really wish the ontarians can export their creemore here!!! this is the best microbrew i've ever had.

i have decided not to join the choir next year... a sad decision but i really want to get some rest... two weekly ministries (small group and choir) is way too heavy to pack into my chaotic schedule--i'm not even talking about a work and life balanced schedule here. but i certainly missed the choir already. i am sure i will get to learn the lyrics from another perspective.

6月 11, 2004


LOS ANGELES, CA: The following statement was released by Michael Reagan.
I remember with great clarity my father's emotion when Nelle Reagan, my grandmother, passed away. Until today I didn't understand the feeling of loss and pain which comes when a parent leaves you. For this reason I will not be making any public statements at this time.

I pray that as America reflects on the passing of my Dad, they will remember a man of integrity, conviction and good humor that changed America and the world for the better. He would modestly say the credit goes to others, but I believe the credit is his.

What I will remember is a man that changed my life. He was always there for me when I needed him. He had a way of putting everything into perspective, and I believe that his determination and perseverance came from his relationship with the Lord. He played an important role in pointing me to God.

I am secure in the knowledge that he is with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in heaven. The greatest gift my father ever gave me was the simple knowledge that I would see him in heaven one day.

6月 08, 2004

remains of the toronto trip...

just came back from the toronto trip. it's been two weeks away from work and there has been lots of things to catch up. man... i shouldn't have planned such a long vacation.

the trip was a great one (but unfortunately not so relaxing)...

5/30 03:00 pst
started driving up to vancouver and meet peter and judy. they were so sweet that they got up at 06:00 driving us to airport to catch 07:30 flight. not only they need to get up that early, they were two weeks away from their wedding and they still found the time to give us a ride!!! what a wonderful couple... thanks guys!

5/30 13:00 est
arrived toronto... waited for about half an hour for the luggages to arrive. didn't catch enough sleep so the luggages circled around the line 10 times before i realized that it's mine... sigh... thanks kenny and sarah for picking us up from the airport. the weather of toronto was weird though... just like seattle... oh, btw, the turbulance i experienced was terrible!!!

5/30 15:00 est
home sweet home... met parents... they are both healthy and strong. though they look a bit older. but i am so thankful that they are so healthy!

fat lun kung??? no no no... HH is working on tai chi style exercises

cruised around downtown toronto with a rented pt cruiser. the car was pretty smooth. i love it. suddenly i miseed this huge city much. it's so lively and diverse. we went to the 'korean street'... yeah, it's the first time parents being here. we had lunch at a korean restaurant. in the evening we went up to florence's house and have bbq there. it's been a long time since i met the whole family. they're all growing bigger than i thought. i started to feel old now...

eating walnut and red bean cake in the korean town!

we went to niagara falls and niagara on the lake. the drive is smoother than i thought. the falls is still the same old one i visited ten years ago. but i love the wineries around the lake... the wine tasting was fabulouse. too bad i didn't have a chance to try out the restaurants there... eventually we had dinner when we drive back to downtown toronto. yay! i haven't tried such great chiense food for a long time!

the great niagara falls

this is the big day with great food!! we had lots of good food tonight, although it took me over three days to prepare all the dishes. what we have are:

wow... the abalones are ready to serve!!! a lot of work has been on these abalones. what you are seeing now had been cooked for over eight hours after three pre-cooking preparation!

cooking the sauce for shark fins. shark fins is also very time consuming--it took me almost the same amount of work and time to cook these little fins as the abalones. ... 飲 與 食 本 身 就 是 一 門 藝 術 , 不 單 止 要 欣 賞 完 成 品 , 當 中 的 過 程 也 堪 細 味 ....

all dishes are ready to serve!!!

we had a swell time that evening... good food and wine, good chat and enjoying the sunset

beautiful toronto!

a quick shot in old montreal. this is such a relaxed city.

HH looks like an artist selling pictures on the street of quebec city... isn't it awesome if life can be as simple as that?

dad is relaxing on a couch after 4 hours of driving from montreal to quebec city. we had a hard time finding this bed and breakfast since we couldn't find the street name on any map we have... also no one in quebec city speaks english and we don't understand french... it's so funny to ask around for directions!

nice, we are framed in the château frontenac

gold plated cathedral