11月 05, 2007

Bake me a wish

I don't know why but I haven't gotten good marks in the baking class (well, although, I'm still around average). I truly don't understand how we are evaluated. I fee like it's kind of arbitrary... Good that I didn't take the baking stream. Don't get me wrong, I do like baking (and in fact, I am going to experiment different kinds of bread at home). Just that consistently getting an average makes me feel like I have no talent on it.


Friends in Seattle said that I look a lot slimmer... which is good news to me. I guess walking fast paced for an hour every day helps a lot!

And I guess I'm a good example that is convincing enough to tell the effects of buttery diet isn't that bad after all :P

(And don't forget that when you add butter to "sweat" vegetables for the soup, you will take out the fat at the end of the cooking process, which leaves the soup 95% fat free!)

Going back to Seattle is like returning to my old school... a place where I spent a significant stage in life.



At 9:09 下午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

I recently chatted with my personal trainer at the gym and he mentioned that while he like to cook, he didn't like baking because baking requires precision (in terms of the ingredients, the process, and the timing, I guess).

AC from CA

At 3:48 上午, Blogger euqus said...

Yup, exactly! I'm not that detail oriented :) Besides, the humidity, temperature, weather, etc add a lot of external dependencies to the process....

At 10:19 下午, Anonymous Chris Wong said...

Just because you're getting an average result now doesn't mean that you had no talent. All the talented people worked hard to bring out their talent. There is no such thing as easy talent. So, don't give up so easily, 波仔

At 3:33 下午, Blogger euqus said...

Thanks Chris :-)



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