5月 31, 2007


I heard people saying that trip planning is fun. But not at this late of planning stage. I'm feeling more and more pressure now.

I'm documenting my itinerary so to get comments from my experienced friends:

June 4, Monday
1030 - Arriving Heathrow on AC850
1130 - Start going to London downtown
1230 - Lunch (but where can I find a locker?)
1330 - Tour the British Museum (Hum, may be use the museum's free locker service)
1600 - Start going to Gatwick
1730 - Arriving Gatwick
1840 - Leaving for Venice on BA2586
2145 - Arriving Venice
2230 - Catch bus #5 to bus station, catch boat #82 to Ostello Venezia Hostel on Gliudecca Island

June 5, Tuesday
Sleep in!
1100 - Start wandering around Venice. Take a ride on the canal (take vaporetto #1, start from the train station). Confirm I'm on a "San Marco via Rialto" boat.
1345 - Start going to S. Toma on boat #1.
1400 - From Frari Church, walk to Rialto Bridge. Check out their market.
1530 - Walk to St. Mark's
1700 - Doge's Palace
1900 - Sunset at St. Mark's Square, climbing the Clock Tower. Dine around the square.

June 6, Wednesday
0900 - get in line for St. Mark's Basilica.
1130 - Wait till the mosaic's a all lit up.
1230 - Lunch
1330 - Correr Museum
1530 - Walk to Zaccaria, Bridge of Sighs.
1900 - Dine around the Rialto Bridge.

June 7, Thursday
0800 - Launderette around train station, Chiaverete di San Simon 665a/b, San Polo. 348-301-7457 (from the station, cross teh Grand canal and turn immediately right. Take the first left, then the first right again to Ramo delle Chioverete).
Pick up train schedule and study it while waiting for the load to finish. Call Branaccci Chapel 055-276-8224 to make a reservation.
1100 - Start going to Florence on train. (3 hours). Study Renaissance history on the train.
1500 - Arriving Florence.
from the train station you take bus n. 17 direction "Salviatino".
In front of the bus stop Salviatino there is our entrance...
1600 - Check in:
Florence - Villa Camerata, Italy
Viale Augusto Righi 2-4
50137 Firenze (FI)
Phone: +39-055-601451
Fax: +39-055-610300
E-mail: firenze@ostellionline.org

1700 - Wandering around Florence. Dinner around Osteria Belledonne, Via delle Belledonne 16 red). Near the train station.

June 8, Friday
0800 - The Accademia
0900 - The Duomo, Giotto's Tower, Baptistery, Via dei Calzaiuoli, Orsanmichele Church, Palazzo Vecchio, Savonarola, Uffizi Courtyard
1200 - Lunch, and wandering around Florence. Check out Brancacci Chapel.
1900 - Sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo.

June 9, Saturday
1115 - Galleria degli Uffizi
1400 - Lunch
1500 - Bargello
1900 - Dinner on or near Piazza della Signoria.

June 10, Sunday
0900 - Take train going to Siena (1 hour)
1100 - See if I can check in
Albergo "Cannon d'Oro"
Via Montanini,28 - 53100 Siena
1200 - Go to the square and Duomo

June 11, Monday
0600 - Go back to Florence
0830 - Pick up Smart

39 055 287161

0930 - Start going to Cortona (2 hours)
1200 - Arriving Cortona
City walk and bath under the Tuscan sun.
Check in at

betania casa per ferie
via gino severini 50 52044 cortona ar
www.casaperferiebetania.com grazie antonio

Situated on the border between Tuscan and Umbria, Cortona despite her hilly position at 600 metres above sea level can be easily reached by car. Come out from the motorway “del Sole” (A1) at Valdichiana toll booth. After that take the Siena-Perugia junction following the directions to Perugia and come out at the second exit to Cortona (Cortona San Lorenzo). From there is enough to follow the numerous directions to Cortona, arrive to Camucia and deviate to Cortona.

June 12, Tuesday
1000 - Going to Civitta, a town with only fourteen residents!
Stay at

PH 3476115426

June 13, Wednesday
1000 - Going to Assisi
Stay at:


June 14, Thursday
0500 - Going to Rome, get Roma Pass.
0900 - Colosseum, Roman Forum
1200 - Lunch near Pantheron
1300 - National Museum of Rome
1700 - Check in
Roma - Foro Italico - AF Pessina YH
Viale delle Olimpiadi 61
00194 Roma (RM)
6km Termini - Metro line A ( direction Battistini) and get off at Ottaviano Stop. From Ottaviano catch bus no. 32 and get off at the 6th bus stop.

1900 - Night walk across Rome. Dinner near Trevi Fountain.

June 15, Friday
0600 - Stay in line for The Sistine Chapel
1000 - St. Peter's Basilica and climbing dome.
1300 - Lunch near Spanish steps
1500 - Dinner near Trevi Fountain, Night walk across Rome

June 16, Saturday
0900 - Borghese Gallery (reservation)
1200 - Pilgrims' Rome (the churches Santa Maria maggiore, San Clemente, and San Giovanni in Laterano).
1400 - Capitol Hill Museum
1700 - Sunset at Roman Forum, Colosseum
* Call 0187-821193 to confirm my stay in Vernazza (mention late check in)

June 17, Sunday
0700 - Start going to Pisa
1000 - Pisa, climbing the tower, lunch
1300 - Going to Lucca
1400 - Lucca
1600 - Going back to Pisa
1700 - Going to Vernazza
1900 - Dinner in Vernazza.
Check in:


June 18-19, Monday - Tuesday
Hiking, hoping around markets, taking boat rides, etc

June 20, Wednesday
0700 - Going to Monaco on the way to Nice
1500 - Check out Matisse's museums
1700 - Night walk around Nice.

Check in at:

Nice Camélias
3, rue Spitalieri
06000 Nice

City centre, behind the NICETOILE shopping centre
Bus 1/2/12/15/17 - Victor Hugo

June 21-22, Thursday and friday
Check out Institut Paul Bocuse

Château du Vivier - BP 25
69131 Ecully Cedex - France

June 23, Saturday
0700 - Start going to Dijon
0900 - Dijoin.
1200 - Start going to Champagne.
1700 - Going to Paris on TGV-east
1800 - Check in at:

Paris - Le d'Artagnan
80 Rue Vitruve
75020 Paris

15 mn from gare de l'Est/Gare du Nord/Gare de Lyon/Gare St Lazare

June 27, Wednesday
1500 - Arriving London Waterloo Int
1600 - Check in:

14 Noel Street
England & Wales

Tel. +44-207-7341618
Fax. +44-207-7341657

Central London, Soho District. From Oxford Circus Underground Station continue east to Poland Street (opposite HMV). Turn right on to Poland Street, and take the 1st left at the junction with Poland Street and Noel Street. YHA Oxford Street is next to the large mural on the wall. -- or -- Leave Oxford Circus Underground Station by exit 8 and turn left into Argyle Street. Walk to the end of the road and turn left into Great Marlborough Street. Walk until the intersection with Poland Street, here Great Marlborough Street changes into Noel Street and the hostel is next to the mural on the wall.

1700 - Westminster Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey (get there before 1900), Trafalgar Square, #10 Downing Street,
1800 - London eye. Sunset walk on Jubilee Walkway, from London Eye to London Bridge (www.jubileewalkway.com)

Dine at Belgo Centraal, 1 block north of Covent Garden Tube station at inersection of Neal and Shelton, 50 Earlham St.

2100 - London Eye Ferris Wheel

2200 - Night walk around SOHO.

June 28, Thursday
0900 - British Museum
1200 - St. Paul's Cathedral, Tower of London
1500 - Tate Modern; cross the Millennium Bridge from St. Paul's, or Tube: Southwark or Blackfriars.
1600 - See if I can get a theater seat at Leicester Square.

June 29, Friday
1000 - Going home!
1300 - Heathrow on AC857, Terminal 3 to Toronto, then AC541 to Seattle. Arriving Seattle 20:15

(to be continued...)



At 1:44 下午, Blogger Douglas said...

June 4, Monday. Have fun carrying your luggage around London. Good luck in finding the hotel in Venice.

June 5, Tuesday. You'll find yourself having a lot of time to take photos. You'll be way over your 30 EUR budget dining around the square, taking a couple of boat rides, taking a tour of doge's palace and climing the clock tower.

June 6, Wednesday. If you're in line at 9am, it won't take long to get into St. Marks. Once you're in there, I don't know what you can do to kill 3 hours. The lower floor is basically a 1-way street. You can't really walk around on the first floor to take photos. Anyways, your day will be very relaxing and you will have a lot of time walking around Venice.

June 7, Thursday. Remember to validate your tickets.

June 8, Friday. I hope you have booked to see David. You will have plenty of time to take photos.

June 9, Saturday. You must love statues a lot to be in Bargello for 4 hours.

June 10, Sunday. You will have a lot of time taking pictures today.

June 11, Monday. Good luck driving alone in Italy. I hope you have good maps and have studied the roads.

June 12, Tuesday. I guess you are over budget today again... 40 EUR for the cheapest room.

June 13, Wednesday. I hope you can find gas stations.

June 14, Thursday. Good luck finding the way to return your car.

June 15, Friday. Lunch at 1pm and then dinner at 3pm? Are you sure?

June 16, Saturday. The sun actually sets pretty late.

June 17, Sunday. You really do need to have reservations to climb the tower.

June 18-19, Monday - Tuesday. You really haven't planned anything.

June 20, Wednesday. I hate nice.

I haven't been to many places in France.

At 4:30 下午, Blogger euqus said...

Thanks for the detailed comments! I'm still planning for Paris. Will fine tune the entire plan after that.

At 9:01 下午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

No wonder you are stressed out Your plan is so detail! Be prepared for surprises and changes. Be flexible! And that is actually the best part of traveling. Many years ago, I was on a double-decker tour in Europe and our bus kept having trouble. It was a blessing in disguise. We ended up spending some time in Macedonia (then part of Yogoslavia), which we were just supposed to pass through.

Bon Voyage.
AC from CA

At 1:07 上午, Blogger euqus said...

Sigh.. not only that, I still need to pack, which I haven't yet started..

At 9:14 上午, Anonymous orieta said...

Check out reviews for the hostel in Paris. Seems that theft is common. Lock everything before you go for a bath in a hostel. Hide things under mattress may be. Best of all, Lock things up.

At 12:02 下午, Blogger Hin said...

There aren't actually that much in Nice, but it's a good slower pace town for honeymooners. Pretty nice to walk around old Nice at night. Be alert of your surroundings of course especially if you're alone.

Be sure to try the Chocolate Dipped Waffle in this Nice pastry near the city center. There should be a line in the morning!!

I'm trying to remember this place where you should dine and have souffle... it's owned by this lady who educated us that we shouldn't go for dessert only in restaurants... but was nice enough to serve us very good souffle with coffee. Let you know when i find it.

At 11:52 下午, Blogger euqus said...

Orieta, looks like thieves are every where! I will try taking care of the stuffs.

Lion, please do let me know where to find the good eats! Thanks!!

At 12:00 下午, Anonymous 匿名 said...

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