2月 12, 2007

not AGAIN!

As soon as I get a hold of that letter, I know I'm back to those days of nightmare again....

Sigh... IRS... why would I end up encountering you this Valentine's week!


Wow!!! You are the only one I know, kind of personally, who is a cinematographer! Yeah, Ryerson film school rocks (and so as their engineering graduates??? hum... )

I so much wish that one day you will become a successful and influential producer!


Can someone tell me why I have a $700 cell phone bill this past month??


Guarding the fort (since my boss and another teammate are on vacation) drains out all of my energy... and it's just the beginning. Next week I'm going to be on call too!!

No, I will handle it professionally no matter what. Ownership of getting the problem solved comes before my personal well-being.

Reassigning is the key word.




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