2月 20, 2006

"Do a good job for the Lord." 對 得 起 主...

We do not want the non-believers to think this is poorly run. I would like to do a good job for the Lord, you know.
Thanks for this reminder!

Finally I talked to the conselors about my thoughts on future involvement in the fellowship ministries. I have a strong conviction that this is a correct decision!

I need to give my best to God. Not my spare time, my spare energy, but my best.

Since I can't, it'll be better to just step down. I think that's what I got from pastor Ho's message and after listening to some casual talks of others in tonight's dinner. And also from this month's verse: 願 你 們 在 一 切 屬 靈 的 智 慧 悟 性 上 , 滿 心 知 道 神 的 旨 意 ;好 叫 你 們 行 事 為 人 對 得 起 主...

I don't have much gift in caring too. But being a Christian is all about caring and loving others. If I can't take care the people around me (and allow them to take care of me), I can hardly imagine my faith is 100% true. So I guess I'll stay in the group leader's ministry. Hopefully that will force me to keep learning in this area.

By offering the best part, you'll avoid guilt, you won't desecrate the holy offerings of the People of Israel, and you won't die.

Thank you for the gift!!! VERY meaningful. I wish that comes true one day.

I'm slowly adding the pictures of the sunrise shots.

sunrise again...



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